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    What is Dicamba?

    Dicamba is an herbicide that has been used for decades, typically as a pasture herbicide or for vegetation burn down prior to planting.


    Monsanto developed XtendFlex cotton and Xtend soybeans, which are genetically-modified crops resistant to dicamba. This resistance allows for “over-the-top” application (application after the plants emerge from seed). Because XtendFlex and Xtend are resistant to dicamba, they will survive such applications while other weeds and plants will not.


    Dicamba was approved for over-the-top application for XtendFlex and Xtend in Nov. 2016, which has caused a marked increase in dicamba utilization. This has led to estimated damage to millions of acres of non-target plants and crops.


    Dicamba Damage is NOT Limited to Soybeans


    Any crop or plant that is not resistant to dicamba may show damage, including trees and ornamentals. Claims of damage are not limited to just farms or farmers; if you are a property owner with damage, you may have a viable claim as well.

    What are the symptoms

    of Dicamba exposure?

    According to the Purdue Plant & Pest Diagnostic Laboratory, signs of dicamba crop damage may include:

    Twisted Leaves & Leaf Wrinkling

    Upward Cupping, Puckering & Elongation of Leaves

    Narrow, Strap-like Leaves on the Youngest Growth

    Stunted Growth & Twisted Stems

    Aboveground Roots on the Stems of some Annual Flowers

    Why Choose Peiffer Wolf Carr Kane & Conway?

    Peiffer Wolf Carr Kane & Conway (“Peiffer Wolf”) is a national law firm with offices in California, Louisiana, New York, Missouri, and Ohio. Peiffer Wolf is comprised of a sophisticated team of lawyers from around the country committed to one goal: Representing Farmers & Landowners with crop or plant damage from the application of dicamba. Although we are a national team of attorneys from around the country, our main office concerning Dicamba Damage Lawsuits is located in St. Louis, MO. Peiffer Wolf has the size, experience, resources, leverage, and manpower to prosecute complex cases against major corporations nationwide.


    We attribute our Firm’s success to the high caliber, sophistication, and professionalism of our lawyers. Our lawyers are accomplished attorneys and are widely respected for their legal work.


    The Dicamba Damage attorneys of Peiffer Wolf are filing claims of dicamba damage. Collectively, our attorneys are fighting for compensation for all Farmers & Landowners with crop or plant damage due to the application of Dicamba.

    Crops & Plants Damaged by Dicamba? We’ll Fight to Make it Right.

    Peiffer Wolf attorneys file Dicamba lawsuit

    Peiffer Wolf filed a class action lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri on July 19, 2017 to assist farmers and property owners whose crops and plants have been damaged by dicamba.


    Dicamba is a potent herbicide to which soybeans and other crops and plants are especially susceptible. Complaints of dicamba damage have been increasing, and hundreds of thousands of acres in 2017 are showing damage. The State Plant Board in Arkansas recently passed emergency rules temporarily banning the use of dicamba for over-the-top soybean weed control.


    The recent increase in dicamba damage coincides with the release of Monsanto’s Xtend soybeans and cotton. Xtend crops are genetically modified to be resistant to dicamba. The sale of these products has resulted in increased spraying of dicamba, and damage to non-target crops and plants.


    This lawsuit seeks to recover compensation for the farmers and landowners with crop or plant damage from dicamba application and/or dicamba drift. A copy of the filed complaint is available here


    Crops & Plants Damaged by Dicamba? We’ll Fight to Make it Right.