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Peiffer Wolf Carr & Kane (“Peiffer Wolf Carr & Kane”) is a national law firm with offices in California, Louisiana, New York, Missouri and Ohio. Peiffer Wolf Carr & Kane is comprised of a sophisticated team of lawyers from around the country committed to one goal: Representing Farmers & Landowners with crop or plant damage from the application of dicamba. Although we are a national team of attorneys from around the country, our main office concerning Dicamba Damage Lawsuits is located in St. Louis, MO.  Peiffer Wolf Carr & Kane has the size, experience, resources, leverage, and manpower to prosecute complex cases against major corporations nationwide.


The Dicamba Damage attorneys of Peiffer Wolf Carr & Kane are working with the Law Office of Michael Smith and James, Carter, and Priebe P.L.C. in investigating claims of dicamba damage. Collectively, our attorneys are preparing to take action and fight for compensation for all Farmers & Landowners with crop or plant damage due to the application of Dicamba.


The Shareholders of Peiffer Wolf Carr & Kane founded the law firm in 2013 with a common vision: providing first-class legal representation to clients who seek to recover for injuries suffered at the hands of others. Too often the powerful interests in our society run over the rights of ordinary people and less powerful entities. We do our best to restore that balance.


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