Attorney for dicamba drift plaintiffs says prepare for settlement

Dicamba | Brownfield AG News | Julie Harker | June 25, 2020

“An attorney for some of the plaintiffs in the Bayer dicamba settlement says farmers with crop injuries should prepare. Paul Lesko with the Peiffer Wolf Carr Kane & Conway law firm is a member of the executive committee that worked out the settlement.

Lesko tells Brownfield Ag News, “This is one where farmers who have been hurt will need to actually step forward and take steps in order to ensure that they receive some of the settlement. They’re not just going to get checks in the mail if they sit back. They need to actually take affirmative steps.”

Lesko tells Brownfield farmers should consult with an attorney and while they can’t apply now, there is a process being developed for them to do so.

He says they will have to have records showing their yield losses from dicamba drift.

Lesko says the settlement of up to $400-Million dollars is a good one, “It’s going for any yield loss that, say, soybean farmers have. They will be fully compensated for the yield loss that they can show. So, I think when you’re able to get a settlement that gets the people that are hurt 100 cents on the dollar, that’s a good settlement.”

Lesko’s firm represents upwards of 40 farmers and other plaintiffs in dicamba drift litigation in Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas and North Carolina.”


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